September 29, 2008


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rest i n peace and hope that this man’s great work lives on , eternally, a greatest new orleans photographe




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sno balls and 7up stand, nearby McDonough school in the Bywater, across from the playground. a b/w version of the color Polaroid sx70 original.jlpsx70.wordpress.com/
b/w version of the color one, published last year in the
“Oxford American”

and a reminder from them today that,

The Oxford American and Tipitina’s Foundation present

Inside New Orleans with Words & Music

A literary celebration of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast as featured in the current issue of The Oxford American

Live music by Charles Walker and the Dynamites and Soul Rebels Brass Band! Meet OA writers! Wine, beer, and food!

Sept. 27, 2008, 9 p.m. to late!


Enter through the Friends of the Foundation Entrance at 501 Napoleon Avenue

Tickets: $100 (individual) or $150 (couple) ”

Purchase at www.oxfordamericanmag.com

1431 Annette

September 22, 2008

1431 Annette

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Squandered Heritage, yes it is being squandered.
another historic architectural resource and neighborhood,
being destroyed by Mayor Nagin , in the city of New Orleans.

Squandered Heritage,


Mandeville 1902 by PRC Advocacy Department.

1902 Mandeville, a nice corner Creole cottage, a landmark on the streetscape and neighborhood, soon to be demolished, even though it is boarded up and has a good roof in compliance w/ city rules…abandoned maybe, in decline, not, in need of repair yes. Need to be reviewed by the historic district review boards, now overidden by Mayor nagin and his rush to destroy his city’s heritage.

St Maurice 923 before and after demolition by PRC Advocacy Department.

Map All Demolition Permits Issued Post Gustav by PRC Advocacy Department.

Map All Demolition Permits Issued Post Gustav

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Map All Demolition Permits Issued Post Gustav

178 demolition permits have been issued by the City of New Orleans in the Neighborhood Conservation District without review by the committee since 9/8/08.

View the map online here and zoom in to your neighborhood:

maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&oe=UTF-8& hl=en&am…

View photos of these properties:flickr.com/photos/prc-advocacy/sets/721576072 09781789/
word up,
houses down, granted demolition over the labor day weekend of Gustav, when no one is in the city. Demolition began before residents were to return, a story from a Nation of Morons,


Mr. Styborski writes this story,
“And then there’s the complete moron list. A woman evacuated for Gustav and returned to New Orleans to find a property she owned razed to the ground, not by the storm, but by Ray Nagin’s elves. The city was supposed to demolish #1425 and her property was #1429, but somehow a photo of her house was attached to the city paperwork for #1425. So, she’s out the 30K spent on renovation, plus the 40K of contracting equipment, (ladders, scaffolding, tools,) that was at the property.

Instead of finding the correct address, instead of checking with superiors about the discrepancy, instead of noticing the freaking renovations to a house listed as collapsing, these mental giants just swarmed in like locusts leaving destruction and confusion in their path.

So far, the city has no comment. Is it any wonder Nagin wanted us to stay away for another week? ”


www.nola.com/news/t-p/index.ssf?/base/news-0/ 122119754530…

and this story,blogs.nationaltrust.org/preservationnation/?p =989

Gustav: Antonine near Magazine

September 22, 2008

Gustav: Antonine near Magazine

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“Not sure what condition this house was in before the storm so I can’t say if Gustav is guity of this. ”

-near magazine street after Gustav, all the while remembering Katrina,
and the bayous of Louisiana as well, after this last hurricane Gustav

and now Ike, Galveston

SpyBoy Demond

September 22, 2008

SpyBoy Demond by Christopher Porché West - A Studio On Desire.

SpyBoy Demond

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Christopher Porsch-West, photographer of New Orleans,


Save the ‘ BANK OF SOUL’
A Public Improvement on the Right-of Way
Corner of Louisa and Burgundy Streets

The ‘Bank of Soul’ is an attempt to both fix a disregarded and damaged sidewalk in Bywater and also acknowledges the historical and cultural legacies of our New Orleans. It was prompted by a response to an upcoming citywide art event, Prospect 1. (http://www.prospectneworleans.org/) Using historical materials, the corner has been transformed from a ditch of broken concrete and gravel nearly 8 inches deep to an environmental cultural icon complete with handicap access allowing for safe passage with multi-directional pedestrian use. The symbolism in this treatment is ‘artistic’ yet functional with careful concern for safety and restoration. At the same time as an openly public installation it depicts an honest representation of our shared cultural uniqueness and is truly sympathetic to our struggles to rebuilt and recharge the beauty of our city. As this installation is new I have received great support from many neighbors who have approved of its design and professional execution. It has been navigated by our police officers, postal workers and elderly and all have mentioned that it is a fresh and worthy addition to the landscape here in Bywater. Obviously anything new doesn’t go without controversy or criticism and with added measured of protection (installation of a long gone traffic sign) and improved visibility (empowering an existing high intensity lighting fixture) the site could be improved with regard to safety and usability.

The ‘Bank of Soul’ is meant to be a temporary solution to a widespread problem in our city – the streets and sidewalks all over the city are battered and in need of repair. Please support the pride in our city as keeping the ‘Bank of Soul’ captures the strength, joy and resilience that sustain New Orleans and her people and her timeless indestructible spirit.

christopher i have known since he arrived in New Orleans

Painted Sidewalk

September 19, 2008

Painted Sidewalk

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this is a piece of photographic art
on the streets of new orleans, by the folk artist and photographer Christopher Kirsch