SpyBoy Demond

September 22, 2008

SpyBoy Demond by Christopher Porché West - A Studio On Desire.

SpyBoy Demond

Originally uploaded by Christopher Porché West – A Studio On Desire

Christopher Porsch-West, photographer of New Orleans,


Save the ‘ BANK OF SOUL’
A Public Improvement on the Right-of Way
Corner of Louisa and Burgundy Streets

The ‘Bank of Soul’ is an attempt to both fix a disregarded and damaged sidewalk in Bywater and also acknowledges the historical and cultural legacies of our New Orleans. It was prompted by a response to an upcoming citywide art event, Prospect 1. (http://www.prospectneworleans.org/) Using historical materials, the corner has been transformed from a ditch of broken concrete and gravel nearly 8 inches deep to an environmental cultural icon complete with handicap access allowing for safe passage with multi-directional pedestrian use. The symbolism in this treatment is ‘artistic’ yet functional with careful concern for safety and restoration. At the same time as an openly public installation it depicts an honest representation of our shared cultural uniqueness and is truly sympathetic to our struggles to rebuilt and recharge the beauty of our city. As this installation is new I have received great support from many neighbors who have approved of its design and professional execution. It has been navigated by our police officers, postal workers and elderly and all have mentioned that it is a fresh and worthy addition to the landscape here in Bywater. Obviously anything new doesn’t go without controversy or criticism and with added measured of protection (installation of a long gone traffic sign) and improved visibility (empowering an existing high intensity lighting fixture) the site could be improved with regard to safety and usability.

The ‘Bank of Soul’ is meant to be a temporary solution to a widespread problem in our city – the streets and sidewalks all over the city are battered and in need of repair. Please support the pride in our city as keeping the ‘Bank of Soul’ captures the strength, joy and resilience that sustain New Orleans and her people and her timeless indestructible spirit.

christopher i have known since he arrived in New Orleans


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