New Orleans, Louisiana Bywater historic vernacular architecture, 19/20th century , a commercial corner store, 9th ward

September 18, 2008

Poland Ave. , a corner store in the historic neighborhood district of the Bywater, in New Orleans 9th ward, nearby and across the canal from the Lower 9th ward, that includes Holy Cross, another historic district along the levee and the Mississippi river. a polaroid sx70 1980

sx70288ab by you.


Originally uploaded by jeff lamb

sx70221ab by you.

*there would not be a group on the flickr called “in the footsteps of jeff lamb”, if not for the skeletonKrewe.

the In the footsteps of Jeff Lamb group icon, and of course there is the controversial NOAHsurvey,

a Survey of New Orleans  Architectural History group icon

started by the Boxchain and a skeltonKrewe, soon the survey team grew to include the New Orleans Lady and the Karen Apricot and a NolaReno, and the Terducken and a Modern Regionalism and a PRC Advocacy, yea!

and many many more..

people will see back a hundred years from now the houses and all, the culture and the corners of this historic city, photographed by all these good people. Defend New Orleans!

i am just collecting stamps. they all be doin all the work.

*believe me that is embarrassing, but well, it is beyond that. I have some photos from some years ago, and my young friends who live there, love there, have found a few corners where i have been before, and are collecting even more.

The future is certainly a part of the past, eh?

Originally uploaded by jeff lamb


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