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oil spill on the mississippi river, wher it flow three ways, closing the river up and down for 90 miles, photgraphed by the new orleans lady this week


from the new orleans lady, who writes, “It seems no one really wants to see the oil spill for what it is – that of an environmental tragedy. You know my deep passion for the wetlands so, know I am more than concerned. I guess tomorrow will shine the light on how bad it actually will be there for the fishing communties. The children of these families sustain themselves on this fish and land and will reap the heafty load of oil consumption in the food they eat & I guess us too here in Nola. I drove almost the whole way to Venice yesterday and finally turned around sick at heart – hearing the rescue helicopters try and save the land.

I sigh in this moment and hope for great containment fearing the worst.” A.

marignystorecornerq by you.


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Bywater corner historic 19thcentury vernacular architecture,
New Orleans. Louisiana may 1, 1984