slip sliding away

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Professor Longhair’s residence, from the rear elevation
facing the new new orleans
a place of historic context, in place of a history of a city and it s personalities that have from this humble house,

evolved agreat piano music unknown and un-heard of until the professor came along
-Professor Longhair!

my hero of the piano, and a guy who asked me once what i thought of his playing..
great document and awarenrss of the city by the justanuptown girl…
ya you right, j

will you look at that,

professor longhair, bald head,


Delta Super Market

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the Delta corner grocery store
New orleans, Louisiana ,
is now history, gern now
a piece of New Orleans,
now posted into picture history ,
in a moment of a thousand words
in a simple picture of a simple place

*a note about this project, from Chris,

“this place represents the entire recovery process for me, it sat untouched for over three years, in this eerily quiet section of New Orleans. For nearly three years the pace of recovery has been at a snails pace (and Karen has been more than grateful for that at times I’m sure) but now with the threat of the Federal Dollars drying out and coming to an end the demolitions have picked up pace , building after building cone forever in the blink of an eye, sometimes not even …”


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more humble images of a great American city on the verge of resurgence, if only.
my favorite and most feeling photographer in New Orleans, seeing beauty in the past, but now present……the New Orleans Lady! rocks

R.I.P. Michael P. Smith

October 10, 2008

R.I.P. Michael P. Smith

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Michael Smith,
the other photographer i first met in New orleans,
a great photographer, truly the unique New Orleans photographer of culture, the people and the south of New Oreans, the past third of the 20th century.

nice to me, i will never forget him,j

somebody get there, buy me a beer at tipitina’s and toast to this great visionary of New Orleans for me, please