Map All Demolition Permits Issued Post Gustav

September 22, 2008

Mandeville 1902 by PRC Advocacy Department.

1902 Mandeville, a nice corner Creole cottage, a landmark on the streetscape and neighborhood, soon to be demolished, even though it is boarded up and has a good roof in compliance w/ city rules…abandoned maybe, in decline, not, in need of repair yes. Need to be reviewed by the historic district review boards, now overidden by Mayor nagin and his rush to destroy his city’s heritage.

St Maurice 923 before and after demolition by PRC Advocacy Department.

Map All Demolition Permits Issued Post Gustav by PRC Advocacy Department.

Map All Demolition Permits Issued Post Gustav

Originally uploaded by PRC Advocacy Department

Map All Demolition Permits Issued Post Gustav

178 demolition permits have been issued by the City of New Orleans in the Neighborhood Conservation District without review by the committee since 9/8/08.

View the map online here and zoom in to your neighborhood: hl=en&am…

View photos of these 09781789/
word up,
houses down, granted demolition over the labor day weekend of Gustav, when no one is in the city. Demolition began before residents were to return, a story from a Nation of Morons,

Mr. Styborski writes this story,
“And then there’s the complete moron list. A woman evacuated for Gustav and returned to New Orleans to find a property she owned razed to the ground, not by the storm, but by Ray Nagin’s elves. The city was supposed to demolish #1425 and her property was #1429, but somehow a photo of her house was attached to the city paperwork for #1425. So, she’s out the 30K spent on renovation, plus the 40K of contracting equipment, (ladders, scaffolding, tools,) that was at the property.

Instead of finding the correct address, instead of checking with superiors about the discrepancy, instead of noticing the freaking renovations to a house listed as collapsing, these mental giants just swarmed in like locusts leaving destruction and confusion in their path.

So far, the city has no comment. Is it any wonder Nagin wanted us to stay away for another week? ”

also, 122119754530…

and this story, =989


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