Lower 9

March 24, 2009

Lower 9 by Karen Apricot New Orleans.Lower 9

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got mail?
still, the 9th ward
spring years after the federal flood,
are there really homeless people in this country, 10,ooo living under an underpass downtown, any downtown

and all these empty, souless homes
waiting to be adopted by someone who needs to have a home,
is this really HOPE?

could be, should be, so when it be?


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Cleared of obstacles better
that before the house of
men mistress of his form
takes up her abode in nature
Complete in herself
making her case on all grounds
open to the four horizons

* Le Corbusier

Holy Cross – New Orleans, Louisiana – demo

happy birthday new orleans lady
a fine artist w/ a photographic eye for the color the chaos the past and the positive that new orleans and louisiana present before her visual percept
her images are
a vision of beauty from the past w/ nothing but a positive view for the future
of an environment and an urban complexity that may be restored and reclaimed for the future in America
a representative and witness to the most unique region that is New Orleans
Happy Birthday New Orleans Lady