Defending New Orleans

August 31, 2008

Defending New Orleans

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“Thank You Louisiana National Guard!

Hurricane Gustav 2008

my last pre-evacuation upload”



Hurricane Gustav Prep – Downtown New Orleans

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Maitri’s witness to a city sitting empty as the threat of Gustav comes closer…

Maitri’s VatulBlog

as Maititri says,

I prefer to “Walk away like a cat who pretends she didn’t just fall.”

Katrina 3rd Anniversary

August 29, 2008

Katrina 3rd Anniversary

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the skeletonKrewe completes his documentation of New Orleans third anniversary of hurricane Katrina and the aftermath of the Fedral Flood. And prepares for Gustav.

however the work will not be complete until New Orleans is re-built, and New Orleans has been defended. The work continues …
We all hope that Gustav does not become the catastrophe that Katrina was and continues to be, as it seems to be forgotten by all , but not by those who work hard to Re-build
and Defend New Orleans

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as i go thru old survey photos of New Orleans,

and look back i just realized that this is August, and that my first weeks in New Orleans, i began w/ a job , driving all of the grey, and the yellow , and the rest of it during this month, 30 years ago, wow!

talk about the past being the future!

I came across this map, and made it a little larger and labeled the “proposed” architectural districts, based on the 1979 Historic District Landmarkls Commission survey of historic 19th century vernacular architecture.
it is also a good thing to re-post and re-do some work I have on the Flickr….of New Orleans, and not just remind and remember, but also to introduce more people to the history of the place , my work, but most of all to show work of all those i know who are documenting this great city, today…

New Orleans Louisiana Creole Townhouse,  vctowncornerq by you.


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historic new orleans architecture, in the Vieux Carre
Creole townhouse at a corner, on Chartres Street, a block or two from the Mississippi River