stringed harmony

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i just have to post up what new orleans and music is all coming from, from this fine photograph at da corner , of young musicians practicing on the street in this great city of New orleans, thanks rhys



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Fais Do Do Stage- New orleans Jazz & Heritage FestivalNew Orleans lady photographs Jazz Festival

Jazz Fest is FORTY!
photographs of the festival last year, 2008
if you love music and have never been here

you have no idea what you are missing!

this week, marks the anniversary of Forty years,
for the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival!

presenting to the world, class acts an da culta


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Steamy in the Blues Tent…

noJazzTchop2acropq #2

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New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 1979
Wild Tchopitoulas

Fairground Gentilly Gate1 0Dec07 P

Main gate to New Orleans Fair Grounds on Gentilly Road, New Orleans.

Photos by me, Infrogmation, digitally joined into panorama by Marku1988. Via Wikimedia Commons…

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New Orleans Fairgrounds
on Gentilly rd.
site of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival,
celebrating 40 years, presenting great music jazz and culture
for the city
and the world to come and see, and live for a week or two
as New Orleanians do

L1520724rcyan blues builders-Defend the Ann Arbor 7, S. Fifth Ave. historic streetscape under threat of demolition

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the parade is over,

except for this guy , who continues to prance around zoning , in front of the city planning commission, time after time..

no means no, don’t you get it?

got history?no i don’t think so Ann Arbor Builders!
he, who would demolish 7 of 11 historic properties on the edge of an historic architectural district, and a quickly changing downtown Ann Arbor.

defend the Ann Arbor 7, on s. Fifth ave.
stop the demolition of our history and our place in time and the neighborhhod,
this is not Columbus , Ohio

BAD NEWS is,the Planning Commission did recommend approval of this
project last night with 3 dissensions. Since it meets the minimum
standards of the zoning law, the staff and the commisioners felt they
could not oppose it. It is a real dog. It has bedrooms that are
individually leased, that have cooking areas (is this a kitchen they
asked? Do we have a definition of a kitchen?) almost making them
efficiencies. However, they get away with calling them bedrooms, and six
of them together make a unit. You only need to provide 1 1/2 parking
spaces per UNIT, so they will have 36 spaces, highly visible from the
street, with something like 140 tenants.

now , there is only one more fight left,

w/ the city council, who have the final say.

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This Is a Photograph that has Class!

and respect…. just great

sir posey
is a good artist , as well a photographer of parades in New Orleans

w/ a feel and sight and knowledge of the neighborhood he knows and sees so well
photographing the parade

i try to do the same thnks anthony

he mighta got me to this next shot

cool dude

L1510386 HA! AHA!!!!!!!!! HA HAHA i got it RIGHT!

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my shout out in defense of new orleans
MY BEST SHOT of all time yesterday!
from ann arbor mi. this would be spring but it snowed today
we legalized medical marijuana and fool set a new tradition of what ann arbor has really been all about beyond the enginners doctors and lawyers

there is still a spirit of artists, equal to the days of the ozone parades gone hip on a homecoming in a2

THIS IS a Parade, I could Never seen but for NEW ORLEANS


way back in 79 or before

besides i ‘ve been WAY influenced by mr POSEY, of parade photography extrodinaire,