New Orleans 1996

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why not
its Simon’s shop on magazine in 96
and then later i met met a guy
named Banzai

New Orleans 1979

January 19, 2011

New Orleans 1979

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2431 Palmyra st., new orleans
Sewerage and Water Board
small octagonal Tuscan arched structures w/ a stuccoed walls,
bracketted wood cornices, and tile roof.
possibly a small pump sub-station


prc advocacy, as the neighborhood goes down to demolition and makes way for the VA/ lsu hospital footprint,

The Way You Came In

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the dungeon-
If you’re seeing this view live, turn around. You’re going the wrong way. This is the entrance hall from Toulouse. On the way in, try not to do the “A-ha Take On Me” video thing… it’s been done to death already.

bywater, really

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boxchain in the bywater
its a cruise ship nearby Vaughns.
i may have posted this before,  a Carnival/Ectasy cruise on this 2011 twelth night,
marking a third anniversary of the Noahsurvey,
of New Orleans,