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where maybe if i were lucky to be a teacher,
i would now have been passed by the student, and the student becomes the mentor, and a muse,
unbelievable brilliance…her photography is
“exploding”! as someone else has put it so well.



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its a stormy, Sonny, bloody mary , well really just a V-8, saturday morning in the skeleton corner of the midwest regional home office of the Noahsurvey…..


Historic New Orleans Creole house, uptown Carrollton district

New Orleans, Louisiana,

May 1984
uptown Carrollton district at Maple and Dublin streets.
the old guy got up to be in the pictures, and told me he had lived in that house forever…..

New Orleans Architectural History’survey,

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and other survey’s,
-Squandered Heritage,

Squandered Heritage

Save Charity Hospital,

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LSU/VA hospital footprint,

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Regional Modernism,

Regional Modernism :: The New Orleans Archive

PRC Advocacy Photos,

etc., so many others to go to related to New Orleans, are on the blogroll…
defend New Orleans

and welcome a new link, New Orleans News Ladder,


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little lambs on Elysian Fields
there are all kinda haint and history along this most important avenue in New Orleans…and in it all its humbleness ,there is beauty in all that is its demise, as well as grandeur in all its glory to survive and be accompanied by such great beauty as down the street, or over nearby on Esplanade,

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documenting all that is historic about the 19th century vernacular architecture of New Orleans every day since Katrina,

a survey team and effort, day by day,

and as well, Squandered Heritage,

Squandered Heritage


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new orleans lady photographs Esplanade, the other St. Charles Ave., another National Register Historic street, or should be, on the downtown side of the Vieux Carre, all the way out to the bayou and the route the French  took to get to the river…….the Mississippi river, from Lake Ponchatrain, way back.

in New Orleans, this past springtime.
What a Beautiful city!!!

in its own time and space that is the past, which is the future, now does not exist

looking back now on this photograph you are only looking into the future, which is now


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a new orleans lady documents the city of New Orleans, day after day
fearless in the face of the imminent summer winds and waters, /always the quick rainstorm every afternoon for fifteen minutes/ and a river rising…

just so that we all know what this place is in time, in the future,

after all the future is the past
and now does not exist……….j


a reNewed historic architectural survey on a reconnaissence level, day by day corner by corner , from the lower ninth to the uptown and everywhere in between, a survey on going and so comprehensive, only the 1979 HDLC Survey is good as an outline and a starting point…, it should be done, and is thanks to the group of photographers and witness to the the city since the flood,

see the defense page, this is what this all about, coming up now to sept/3rd anniversary

Defend New Orleans

snake and jake’s

June 20, 2008

snake and jake’s

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the photographer and document maker-

on a corner store in New Orleans, La.

snake and jake’s

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i have to say, dear friends!
the terducken!
, the skeletonKrewe, the karen Apricot and the NewOrleansLady are rockin my boat, and there are othrs…not to leave y’all out…
What i want to say is that at a 6 month point in time,
you have made this one fine survey!

i have to say, i am surprised when y’all ask me, me here, and i’m not even there, where you might go next or shoot next or whatever, add a picture, no one has ever done something so nice for me, (I have to be careful what i ask for)
more than you have.
I am really glad to be able to help you out and be a part of your great efforts. it is after all, simply about a city we all love.
this is a survey team, each on your own, and in every way,
in DEFENSE and WITNESS to history and home

DEFEND NEW ORLEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love you guys. in the words of a jr. member mj