Historic District Landmark Commission of New Orleans 1979.

hdlcmap1979 by you.

this is a map of the overall survey completed in 1979, to document and establish potential architectural districts and landmarks to be be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The areas in grey and yellow were those neighborhoods established by HUD, that were to be surveyed. The grey areas represent a windshield reconnaissance survey, and were not made up of 19th century historic architecture. The yeloow areas were those surveyed house by house and were recommended as historic architectural districts.

the HDLC field survey, evaluation form,

1031 Joliet Street New Orleans


photo survey areas ’79/84

HDLC Survey 1980

to see all maps completed for this survey, click on the map above.

This map represents the 1979 city of New Orleans, HDLC architectural Survey of potential historic architectural landmarks and districts within areas (as designated by HUD) of decline, all the areas in grey and yellow. The Purple areas are National Register “landmark”, historic architectural districts, the Vieux carre and the Garden district.
Green areas represent existing National Register Historic Architectural Districts, the grey and yellow areas were completed with a windshield survey, the entire survey area includes 70,000 structures total. The Yellow areas are those neighborhoods surveyed, house by house a total of 35,000 structures were inventoried , evaluated for the HDLC, and nominated as potential historic architectural districts, in addition, 500 potential city and national architectural landmarks were evaluated as to their potential and recommended to be placed on to the National Register of Historic Places.

bird’s eye view 1850 ?

New Orleans 1873

HDLC report, 1979

historic photograph of boys on a cart at the French Market

riverfront, Vieux carre
keep off,
the levee i presume

source for historic photographs of new Orleans



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