reNew New Orleans

NOAHsurvey – a New Orleans Architectural History, survey

now a group of photographs, september , 2008 ,

documenting New Orleans historic architecture since Katrina and the Federal flood , Sept. 2005, found on Flickr,

NOAHsurvey : a Survey of New Orleans Architectural history

A group of New Orleans photographers, those below and others that make up the survey team.

an initial statement about this, the team, and the task that is yet to be completed.

-and now i know communications are still not what you think they are, so this why, and what tousaint says here, in so many ways is true today, o1/o5/08


-New Orleans, as if it were a Noah’s ark, the photographers of New Orleans, La., are collecting the images of those houses left behind by the Federal Flood of 2005, in an effort to document and perhaps preserve, at least in pictures, and save those historic architectural resources, those that may still be salvedgeable(spelling?), saved, and those housing resources that perhaps have not survived well. Included in this group are photographers and citizens of New Orleans, in a loose knit group that I have made as friends, who bring to the table, their own unique expression and experience, and vision to every one of their photographs. There are thousands of images that these individuals have taken, that I am aware of, and represent a huge inventory, images of New Orleans century old vernacular and historic architecture. Of course, I have others to add to the team, and many who are represented in Defense, on another page.

It is my intention here to organize their images into an outline, similar to that used in an earlier survey documented here, and completed in 1979, as if it were reconnaissance type of windshield survey. In some cases it is just that, a windshield view, and in one instance from and/or w/ a Vespa! scooter, and w/ most portfolios, a well thought out and methodical documentation. This is , on many levels, an intensive and comprehensive historic architectural survey, well documenting New Orleans remaining architectural resources. This is an attempt to place into a context and an organization of photographs, a type of inventory of building types and neighborhoods throughout the city… that may assist and facilitate the city’s architectural preservation.

presently and moving forward from 2006 on…well at least i will give it a try

perhaps a good defense, is a witness

Defend New Orleans!

in Defense,

-Karen Apricot of Squandered Heritage,

New Orleans Resident. Owner of 3 Flooded Houses. Rebuilding and documenting the Demolitions and losses in the City

Happy Houses, one portfolio among so many of Karen’s photographs,

and most recently, the Public Housing Demolitions occurring presently,

nolareno, of Squandered Heritage,

-the New Orleans Lady, A., New Orleanian

New Orleans still & always the eternal muse…. it’s never too late to be who you are..
one portfolio of recent work, in and around Tchopitoulas street,

-JustAnUptownGirl / JAUG, Rhys

40something, odd, eclectic, strange, weird, geek, nerd, smart, smartass, different, difficult, fun, sarcastic, sick, silly, tenacious, zany.
And those are my good points…

I AM Instant Gratification Girl, thanks for that Katrina. Things that bitch also taught me: Life is short, eat dessert first!

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.—-Dr. Seuss

Rhys’ group of New Orleans “Here there and everywhere New Orleans”,…

-SkeletonKrewe, Chris Kirsch, a photographer and folk artist.
The Independent Republic of New Orleans

an incredible document, witness to the traditional neighborhood corner stores,

-Styborski, photographer and chronicler of New Orleans lower 9th ward.

Wow! Time flies, eh? It’s almost 2008 and that means my first year here is almost up. My account rolls over on January 31st and I just need about 940 more views to reach 15,000. I never thought I’d ever reach so many people from this little site, but there it is. I also need only 37 more shots posted to bring my total up to 1500. I’ll make a deal with you: You push me over 15K views by the end of January and I’ll do my best to deliver 37 really good shots for you. I know I’ve got the easier job but whaddya say?

the Lower 9th Ward of Mr. Styborski,

-Alex is a resident of the Bywater (upper 9th ward) neighborhood of New Orleans.

“I’ve been documenting the mess here. But I like to do other things with the camera. When I’m not too busy trying to rebuild the house I bought earlier this summer.”


gern , means gone.


Esplanade Ridge and the Bayou St. John,

and myself, jeffrey lamb, from a far, and from the past,


3 Responses to “Noahsurvey-New Orleans architectural history, a survey and survey team”

  1. tognazzi Says:

    Happy New Year…aka Karen

  2. boxchain Says:

    Sign me up. I’ve got your Cottage list and I’ll start working on the downriver parts when I move into my house. In a month. Yeah.

  3. brunetterecluse Says:

    Hi, I am interested in documenting the intersection of architecture and history in New Orleans. I have just barely started a project to catalog the buildings on St. Charles Ave (with plans to eventually catalog every building of architectural and/or historical) significance in the city) and I think that your survey and my database might might compliment each other.

    I live in Austin, TX right now, but can make trips in New Orleans and a fairly regular basis as needed. I would love to hear how I can help so pretty please contact me via email brunetterecluse [a] gmail [dot] com.

    An ugly view of my draft database (I can provide a better view if you contact me):

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