house float

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Houses float, trucks don’t.
Chalmette, St. Bernard Parish, LA
photos by boxchain

aug 29, 2005


New Orleans 1979

August 29, 2010

New Orleans 1979

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after school

New Orleans , Louisiana
Esplanade ridge,
a neighborhood off of Esplanade
on the downriver side

Rocheblave and D’Abadie st.
part of a survey of New Orleans, 1979

©jeffrey lamb 2008

One Completed Home

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One Completed Home

Symbolically, that is. This is what the parts look like assembled when enough money is donated to buy a home. Each home will be ‘Green’ and there are quite a few models to choose from. (See following shots.)

Lower Ninth Ward, 27 months after Hurricane Katrina
phot by Styborski
dec. 2009

*i was sure i posted this before, i just can’t find it .
it is on the Noahsurvey page, here
twice is good

Make it Right

helping to build New Orleans Lower 9th ward,

june22005 014 anti iraq war

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after the war
before the Federal Flood and Failure

if you read everything in this photograph
if you see the saenger
and the street sign
and know this is New Orleans
this is july 2005
posey is the photographer

Harsh Piano

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Harsh Piano
New orleans
Editor B

711 Caffin Ave. After

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Operation Comeback renovation
Preservation Resource Center

*this is how its done.

this is before, january 24, 2006

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photographs in new Orleans, taken after the Federal Flood

and Hurricane Katrina
by Anthoney Posey

Don Not Forget