New Orleans 1984

July 30, 2010

New Orleans 1984

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i am looking at this and wonder what i can possibly say , 5 years since the federal flood, and our four years on the flickr
i have no idea what i might write about the experience, but i will try to say what y’all have meant to me. it is a lot for sure.


ted’s frost top

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frost top terducken rocks the noahsurvey
i am so far away, i can only say thanks you bring me back.
-gen mayer avenue

Location, Location, Location

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It’s enough to make one rethink their choices in where they build their home.-sty

and there is beauty here
as if it were a paradise
thats why

It Seems Like Every Where You Go You End Up Standing in Line.

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pelicans on the Gulf Coast

White Pelicans gathering to roost near the coastline of Louisiana. Located in Plaquemines Parish. The size of the island they are on has been drastically reduced in size in just one year. The Gulf of Mexico is behind the bushes in the picture – some 20 yards away. My guess is that this remaining part of the island will be gone before the end of the year.