New Orleans, Louisiana. Professor Longhair’s house. slip sliding away- architecturally siginificant 19th century architecture, and historic context to a person and place, one of America’s Great Piano players….

October 24, 2008

slip sliding away

Originally uploaded by JustUptownWantsOldFlickrBack

Professor Longhair’s residence, from the rear elevation
facing the new new orleans
a place of historic context, in place of a history of a city and it s personalities that have from this humble house,

evolved agreat piano music unknown and un-heard of until the professor came along
-Professor Longhair!

my hero of the piano, and a guy who asked me once what i thought of his playing..
great document and awarenrss of the city by the justanuptown girl…
ya you right, j

will you look at that,

professor longhair, bald head,



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