Delta Super Market, New Orleans Louisiana Usa, corner grocery upper ninth ward, now demolished

October 24, 2008

Delta Super Market

Originally uploaded by skeletonkrewe

the Delta corner grocery store
New orleans, Louisiana ,
is now history, gern now
a piece of New Orleans,
now posted into picture history ,
in a moment of a thousand words
in a simple picture of a simple place

*a note about this project, from Chris,

“this place represents the entire recovery process for me, it sat untouched for over three years, in this eerily quiet section of New Orleans. For nearly three years the pace of recovery has been at a snails pace (and Karen has been more than grateful for that at times I’m sure) but now with the threat of the Federal Dollars drying out and coming to an end the demolitions have picked up pace , building after building cone forever in the blink of an eye, sometimes not even …”


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