New Orleans, La., Uglesich’s, S. Rampart St., Bywater Historic Architectural District, neighborhood corner

January 6, 2008


Originally uploaded by anthonyturducken

gern means gone
now i know
turducken rocks and rules,

as if only

i was thirty eight!
Defend New Orleans!

the corner is here, today

the history is told thanks to the turducken,

A Lunchtime Institution Set to Overstuff Its Last Po’ Boy
By R. W. APPLE Jr.
April 27, 2005

SAM UGLESICH grew up among mariners and fishermen off the coast of Croatia on rocky Dugi Otok, whose name means “long island,” surrounded by the azure waters of the Adriatic. Twice he set out for the United States. The first time, he jumped ship in New York, but was caught and sent home. The second time, he made his break in New Orleans, then as now a more permissive city, and got away with it.

Naturally enough, he opened a seafood restaurant in his adopted city, specializing in the local shrimp, soft-shell crabs, lake trout and oysters. The year was 1924, the place South Rampart Street; Louis Armstrong had played gigs a few doors away.

Three years later, he moved to a modest frame cottage on Baronne Street…

rest of the story at:


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