New Orleans, Louisiana historic architectural survey, HDLC 1979 map

August 20, 2008

hdlcmap1979 by you.


Originally uploaded by jeff lamb

as i go thru old survey photos of New Orleans,

and look back i just realized that this is August, and that my first weeks in New Orleans, i began w/ a job , driving all of the grey, and the yellow , and the rest of it during this month, 30 years ago, wow!

talk about the past being the future!

I came across this map, and made it a little larger and labeled the “proposed” architectural districts, based on the 1979 Historic District Landmarkls Commission survey of historic 19th century vernacular architecture.
it is also a good thing to re-post and re-do some work I have on the Flickr….of New Orleans, and not just remind and remember, but also to introduce more people to the history of the place , my work, but most of all to show work of all those i know who are documenting this great city, today…


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