Party at the Rat Hole and found out about a lot of stuff, New Orleans Louisiana corner bar Happy birthday K! defender inspector of Squandered Heritage

January 23, 2009

Party at the Rat Hole

Originally uploaded by Karen Apricot New Orleans

happy birthday at the rat hole w/ an apricot karen
anthr yr goes by ,o8 to 9

but we got soul at the rat hole,
and just to remember back the yr before, in o7

what the kind karen said to me, back on my birthday
“Re: hi

It is funny what has happened over the past year. A City
full of broken people trying to get better.

We have made new friends and alliances and found out a lot
of stuff.

There is never a moment when we do not appreciate comments
and attention from the outside world.

You love New Orleans, and New Orleans loves you.”

squandered still heritage,

Squandered Heritage

time to move on preserving the past

that is our future, i say to be true,

happy birthday karen, new orleanian(gulp) of the year

i am !, happy happy,

i get the happy now

and found out about a lot stuff!

i just figured out the rat hole and soul was /is a band of musicians

party on!!!!!



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