Defend the Ann Arbor 7, again, Ann Arbor, Michigan downtown preservation -Fifthavehaze TIME FOR THAT STUDY COMMISSION!!!!!!defend -Again threats are made to destroy a2 history

December 5, 2008

sFifthavehaze TIME FOR THAT STUDY COMMISSION!!!!!!defend -Again threats are made to destroy a2 history

Originally uploaded by jeff and leylaan update and correction: the planning commission meeting this past monday was to determine if a study commission should be formed to study the viability of establishing an historic district along the area of S. Fifth Ave., in Ann Arbor, in order to determine if 7 historic properties should be preserved in downtown.

This proposal simply for a study commission has been DEFEATED!

and that is a big Mistake!!!!!!!

No respect for the past, no concern for true green architecture….

Defend the Ann Arbor 7,
s Fifth ave historic homes up for a third request to demolish…

For a third time, later in January a new proposal will be made….i am sure am getting tired of the Ann Arbor Builder’s continued pursuit to destroy…
third time now,
-“Hi folks,
On December 15, the City Council will hold a public hearing for the
request to rezone the site of these 7 beautiful houses to allow
construction of a blocky apartment complex in its place.

I urge you to contact your council person and/or the mayor if you are
opposed to this project. Or come and speak at the hearing next Monday
night. As you may remember, many of these houses were
lived in by mayors of Ann Arbor who gave their names to some of
ours streets–Hamilton and Beakes to name two. So, this is truly a
historic block of houses and in a neighborhood of other houses lived in
by well known businessmen and women, the Supt of Schools for Ann Arbor and
much more.

We are also working on trying to get a Historic District Study Committee
appointed by the mayor. This is the only way these houses can be protected
from future demolition.

Thanks for your help!
Susan”, me.aspx

search defend ann arbor 7 here on the blog, see the pictures here, 4080696918/

-and here, 054/


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