Dixie Brewery, HDLC 1979 LSU/VA footprint 2008

December 1, 2008

Dixie Brewery, HDLC 1979 LSU/VA footprint 2008

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Dixie Brewery 1979
in an area now known as the lower Mid-City, an area under imminent threat of destruction for the new 2 billion dollar VA hospital project covering over 70 acres of a neighborhood central and in the heart of new Orleans, about to be destroyed…see more below

from the new orleans lady, this description, and photograph,

“Here’s some information from the Louisiana Landmarks Society about Dixie Beer.

Dixie Brewery (2537 Tulane Avenue, Circa 1907)
Dixie Beer first opened its brewery in 1907 when New Orleans had a competitive field of local brewers. The company made it through Prohibition by making nonalcoholic beverages until beer was made legal again in 1933. Its last local contemporary, Falstaff, shut down its nearby brewery in 1978. Unfortunately, this venerable old building suffered flooding, wind damage, and rampant looting after Hurricane Katrina, and remains vacant and in deplorable condition. Although after Katrina, the owners talked of rehabbing and reopening it, there are no signs of that happening, nearly three years after the storm. The building is located in the Mid-City National Register Historic District, and has been nominated as a local landmark by the HDLC. Unfortunately, it is also located inside the edge of the footprint for the proposed new VA hospital, according to the most recent footprint released in May 2008. The other remaining brewery buildings in New Orleans, Jax and Falstaff, have been or are being renovated into new uses, and this one could be as well. The VA footprint could be modified to exclude the section along the edge that includes Dixie, and the building could become housing or support facilities for the new VA/LSU Medical Complex.


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