jlp/ New Orleans and the Squandered Heritage, Defense of New Orleans in photograph and witness, thanksgiving 2008

November 28, 2008

I (jlp), am not much of a writer, or blog kind kind of person(?),

i do take a lot of photographs though, and look at more…since my work began in New Orleans

way back in the olden days of the late 70’s early 80’s, then i left.

30 years later, all i look at now are photographs of, and for me that are, New Orleans,

so i do the blog and

have thanksgiving! for all, to all of you , who have allowed me to share their work

here. kisses peace love hi to all defense in all good humour…Defend New orleans

Save Charity Hospital!-see below

L1420882qtoday i am published!,

habitus,a diaspora journal,
no.4, New Orleans


Initially I put my work here, on this space, from a 1979 architecture survey for the city of New Orleans, photographs of historic architecture, an incomplete catalog provided to the HDLC/ New Orleans, and in 1984, color work for the

Preservation Resource Center,http://www.prcno.org/

It is meant to serve as a reference for those who would continue to document and photograph and preserve their neighborhoods and historic architecture.

I can only continue to improve upon my part of the HDLC survey past, and will as long as the Noahsurvey friends I have, continue, as they do every day documenting their city. I had been gone from this place for a long time, and lost touch, and now i watch the images go by, it is as if i am taking a walk around, finding a new corner, another artist studio in the Bywater, renewal and restoratin in the Holy Cross, and the very slow pace of bureaucrats who can’t seem to make any decisions based on, not only what would be good to for the city to re-build, but what would be good for the people the neighborhoods the schools the hospitals the corner stores that are empty, what would be good for the people?

they may see it, and all i am doing is placing another platform to look at, but they also should listen..so all the post about the destruction of Charity Hospital below, by those who fight it, w/ only 29 days to go…


thanks to Karen Apricot,

and the Squandered Heritage!,www.squanderedheritage.com/

the Nolareno, who gave me all kind of ideas,

the Preservation Resource Advocacy,

the New Orleans Lady,

the SkeletonKrewe,

the Terducken,

the survey team, and the Noahsurvey, New Orleans  Architectural History, Survey group icon

the Regional Modernism,



and styborski-looking for their links now

there are a few more and all whole lot of people, see 3rd qtr, landmarks

however I am now more focused on continuing to showcase, collect and keep awareness of the struggles taking place in New Orleans with the images of those who are there , now the jlp/ New Orleans is not really mine or for me, just my collection of really good images for anyone else out there looking,

to see New Orleans now.


thanks y’all

thanksgiving, 2008
jlp/New Orleans,L1430103sqtex

in retrospect, it is not a pre conception or thought i had initially,
not a cjl moment
– but a reflection, looking back at the past , trying see the future when now does not exist, where it all started , a look for images of cool old buildings, then documentation, then new orleans, and now here i am again , in a2 at this corner, and still in New Orleans…what?
and so this is now?, so it isn’t really real, and
-but all my friends do it! 🙂
one last Happy House Thanksgiving,


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