San Miguel, What Gets Squanderd , and about Charity hospital

November 27, 2008

San Miguel

Originally uploaded by Karen Apricot New Orleans

Squandered Heritage,
the post begins, read further on please, Karen writes,

In 1988 I moved to a small village in Mexico. The church which is located in the main square defines the town itself. It is a compass and a gathering spot and it is also the manifestation of a dream some say. The original was been built in 1683 and completed by Zeferino Gutierrez in 1880 inspired by postcards from Europe…”

further on,

“Here in New Orleans we pin our hopes on “new” and “state of the art” in the hopes that ultimately it will be our rescue..will this hospital complex be the salvation of New Orleans? Will this lift us out of our economic slump? Will it be the new “pot’s of money”; remember those, the one’s that never materialized? In order to see those cranes we were promised must we go through another season of destruction, demolition and betrayal?

“These past months as the drone of process took place many of us knew that the day would come when the decision for the LSU/VA hospital would be made public. We knew the day was coming and we knew the endless processes and procedures that took place would have little to no impact on a decision that was made outside of the realm of public input. We were entertained, we were placated and we were lied to. But in the end those decisions were not ours to make for ourselves. The public realm, the private property and the fate of a neighborhood fell to those who will not show their faces, those who seek to make careers, not communities.


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