New Orleans, Louisiana Charity Hospital destruction ,To be demolished in Mid City: Palmyra 2319 Streetscape

November 26, 2008

Charity Hospital / Louisiana State University Hospitals, and the VA hospital proposals create issues of preservation, restoration and re-use, as proposals are put forth to build a billion dollar complex of new facilities.

To be demolished in Mid City: Palmyra 2319 Streetscape

Originally uploaded by Preservation Resource Center, Advocacy Department

lsu/ va hospital proposals are set to demolish mid-city neighborhoods of historic architecture, rather than restore the historic Charity hospital. what a waste , this facility is in need of restoration, and work should well have been underway by now, to service a citie’s health care needs, 3 years after the federal flood of New Orleans.
i  should think that a plan to develop facilities compatible w/ the neighborhood, building smaller clusters of health care facilities, all on a campus more in scale w/ the area, a neighborhood that could house potential employees of the new facilities…

the set of photographs of the Preservation resource Center’s illustration of the LSU/VA Footprint Oct 08,

a neighborhood on its way to recovery, waiting for destruction, truly a waste of resources…my opinion,

Charity Hospital, New Orleans

a national landmark, and soon to be demolished, rather than renovated

saving millions of dollars and caring for the citie’s health care needs sooner, rather than later.

It is an ignorant disgrace to let this issue and obvious solution languish further. Spend the money and re-build this hospital now.


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