Lower mid-city neighborhood and the LSU /Charity and VA hospital expansion, the Mcdonogh school #11

November 26, 2008


Originally uploaded by rosenbergs1825

McDonough school #11, an historical photograph,
an example of historic architecture deserving to be preserved and renovated, currently in good condition, and about to be destroyed by the city and administrators proposing a 2 billion dollar complex to be buillt for the VA hospital, and LSU/ Charity hospitals.

to see it current condition, scroll down,
in the meantime somebody in charge ought to read what
Donavan Rypkema
has to say about ” Place Economics”, and the value that restoration and preservation provides
in re-using , saving non energy consuming building materials, and the cultural, ecological and economic benefits of of such preservation!
see here and google “Donovan Rypkema”, to find more information, but this is a good place to start,www.placeeconomics.com/biography.html


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