New Orleans Louisiana, Charity Hospital, Inspirational Vision for Old Charity Dismissed

November 26, 2008

Inspirational Vision for Old Charity Dismissed

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Inspirational Vision for Old Charity Dismissed, tal.shtm#VAB…

“The Foundation for Historical Louisiana (FHL) issued a statement today strongly opposing the announcement of the site selection for the new VA / LSU hospitals in a residential neighborhood of New Orleans.

“Today’s announced sites would locate the new Veteran’s Administration Hospital next to a proposed site for the LSU teaching hospital, which is not yet funded with either federal or state dollars–and is estimated to cost $1.2 billion with a six-year or more completion timeline.”

from the National Trust, today in the mail,

Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Louisiana State University announced the selection of the lower Mid-City neighborhood for the site of their new hospitals.

These homes are some of the 165 family houses slated for demolition in New Orleans’ Mid-City Neighborhood under the VA’s plan.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation and our partner the Foundation for Historical Louisiana view this decision as a serious error, as much better alternatives exist for these medical centers that would provide the same benefits while saving the neighborhood and reusing Charity Hospital.  The new hospitals would needlessly destroy 70 acres of the neighborhood, including 165 historic buildings where residents have been rebuilding and restoring their community since Hurricane Katrina.

The VA and LSU have other available sites nearby, yet they chose the most time-consuming, difficult, expensive and destructive route to deliver health care to the region’s veterans and a medical teaching facility to the community.

With this decision, the bulldozing of homes and businesses could start as soon as the day after Christmas.  Take action now and strongly urge the VA and the state of Louisiana to reconsider and take another look at other, less harmful alternatives on the table.”

National Trust for Historic Preservation,

National Trust, about mid-city, ites/souther…


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