New Orleans Louisiana, Lower Mid-City neighborhood and the Charity /LSU, and VA hospital footprint for development, IMG_2479

November 26, 2008


Originally uploaded by New Orleans Lady

the New Orleans Lady writes this about the,
Lower Mid-City
New Orleans, Louisiana

“All photos in this set are of the lower Mid-City neighborhood. Tragically this area is proposed for FULL demolition for construction of a new VA hospital and down the road a new LSU medical center.

This area of lower Mid-City is a lovely neighborhood filled with wonderful people. Some residents have lived in the area for generations. The area once the center of the breweries of New Orleans. The large trees with their strong yet soft hanging branches cast shadows over the neighborhoods streets. For years they have dutifully shaded the families of the neighborhood but now they almost seem to hang in gloom and sorrow of the fate awaiting them. Well, at least it seems that way a bit to me walking the streets of the area.

The tragedy of the proposed destruction certainly defies logic in a city with extensive housing issues post Katrina and worse yet, the overall funding deficit of this joint project is to the tune of 3/4 of the overall plan. Fema reimbursement doesn’t even come close to aligning with money allocations for this scheme.

Homeowners will get a buyout offer and if the offer is refused the land will be taken under imminent domain law. Stay tuned… the injustice has just begun. ” aj

and the New Orleans Lady set of photographs of the area may be found here,


-indy media,

-see also the
Preservation Resource Center Advocacy’s documentation of the area,


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