New Orleans, Louisiana Bywater Side hall, Shotgun house

September 4, 2008


Originally uploaded by New Orleans Lady

3123 N. Rampart Street
New Orleans, Louisiana

one of many of the New Orleans Ladie’s documents and visual thoughts photographing the historic Faubourgs in New Orleans, Louisiana.

the New Orleans Ladies’ Faubourg Set,

-Mr. Boxchain’s danger shotgun,

porch view

Originally uploaded by boxchain

-Mr. Boxchain, is an original team member , a facilitator and principal of the Noahsurvey,

and w/ this image , he shows us a house in his neighborhood,

of an historic Italianate hip-roofed, vernacular side-hall Shotgun house.

Located in the downtown historic architectural district and neighborhood,

known as Bywater.

-Mr. Boxchain has a great set of photographs of his neighborhood, in the Bywater,

and a link explaining

Bywater architectural styles.

and the same house that i photographed back in 1979.

New Orleans 1979

Originally uploaded by jeff lamb

a Bywater Neighborhood snapshot, pre-Katrina from the Greater New Orleans

Community Data Center, an excellent resource pre-K,


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