IMG_4261Little Lambs on Elysian Fields, in all its humbleness and haint, “who killed the little lambs?” Corner “Shop residence” Marigny “New Orleans” historic vernacular architecture NOAHs NOAHsurvey documents New Orleans 2008

June 23, 2008


Originally uploaded by New Orleans Lady

little lambs on Elysian Fields
there are all kinda haint and history along this most important avenue in New Orleans…and in it all its humbleness ,there is beauty in all that is its demise, as well as grandeur in all its glory to survive and be accompanied by such great beauty as down the street, or over nearby on Esplanade,

on another corner of the NewOrleansLady’s image world


documenting all that is historic about the 19th century vernacular architecture of New Orleans every day since Katrina,

a survey team and effort, day by day,

and as well, Squandered Heritage,

Squandered Heritage


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