IMG_5846 New Orleans Lady and the Noahsurvey and team , documenting New Orleans Historic 19th and early 20th century vernacular architecture…

June 21, 2008


Originally uploaded by New Orleans Lady

a new orleans lady documents the city of New Orleans, day after day
fearless in the face of the imminent summer winds and waters, /always the quick rainstorm every afternoon for fifteen minutes/ and a river rising…

just so that we all know what this place is in time, in the future,

after all the future is the past
and now does not exist……….j


a reNewed historic architectural survey on a reconnaissence level, day by day corner by corner , from the lower ninth to the uptown and everywhere in between, a survey on going and so comprehensive, only the 1979 HDLC Survey is good as an outline and a starting point…, it should be done, and is thanks to the group of photographers and witness to the the city since the flood,

see the defense page, this is what this all about, coming up now to sept/3rd anniversary

Defend New Orleans


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