January 29, 2008


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http://www.michaeldingler.com/ MY ARTIST STATEMENT!

I’m a pluralist when it comes to the nature of our government; I’m a deist when it comes to matters of faith; I’m a loyalist when it comes to matters of family; I view the world with an existential bias; I question every mindset; I think that when there’s something to be shared with someone, I’m at my best. I like the color purple.

Home is New Orleans. I’ve traveled the world and two of the seven seas (though there’s arguably five),…I like to view the world with gentle eyes, but the world won’t always allow it. …..Have I mentioned I like the color purple?

ships along the mississippi river New Orleans, Louisiana

aside from houses there are ships from around the world
this is a great photograph of the mississippi river port and ships along the \Port of New Orleans (?) not sure will have have to ask dingler,
a painter and expressionist of all positive on the streets of New Orleans, aside from knowing the river better than anyone i’ve ever known, except for a captain that had run for president many a four year cycle, he made 65,000 dollars a year as a captain on the river, and i met him in Matasass
in the vc

the river is mighty,

the river is why there is a Detroit,

no different than New Orleans


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