January 26, 2008


Originally uploaded by New Orleans Lady

jan 25, 08

An important two and one-half story side hall Creole type of house, typical of many great 19th century townhouses along Espalande Ave., a boulevard providing a neutral ground for the great Live Oaks that distinguish this street from others, a truly grand New Orleanian streetscape, equal to St. Charles Avenue, a street all on its own, a National Landmark, as should be Esplanade Ave.

jan 28, 08 I was so excited to see this photograph posted by the New Orleans Lady, on Friday, one that i know i’d taken thirty years ago, exited to see that this house was a survivor,

I was so excited on Monday night that i decided to call, and get to know this young photographer a little better,

and while we were laughing, this landmark was burning down.

it s a tragedy that all you have left is the photograph ,…

and this,

from the Times -Picayune,

Fire Destroys historic home in Esplanade Ridge,…


One Response to “IMG_3721”

  1. tognazzi Says:

    There was a big fire there tonight.

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