Ann Arbor, Michigan, Old West Side historic architectural district, Jefferson Market

January 12, 2008


Originally uploaded by jeff lamb

market man past

a few thougths and a smart remark concerning the status of the “Old West Side” and its preservation as an historic architectural district…

here are a few ideas, for ann arbor

well this and Defend the Ann Arbot 7 !

on s. 5th ave…….

a couple proposals for now, for the city
-reNew the Old West Side historic architectural survey, every ten years,
photograph every single structure old west side, old northwest side, old fourth ward, burns park, downtown kerry town lower town…Now, and then again
-photograph every single permit application, before and after,
renovation /restoration/re-do /re-doubling size additions…….and i don’t mean by the inspector…by the photographers

sorry kind of sarcastically, have to think some more
-stricter guidelines, fewer excuses….

small houses in balance w/ the McHistoric
yin yang

a few small trees in the big bad forest

all the small trees, its a big forest


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