EsplanadeTreme HDLC Survey 1979 City of New Orleans, Louisiana 19th century Historic District and Architectural Survey , Housing and Urban Development, National Trust for Historic Places, Library of Congress, the Historic New Orleans Collection, Tulane Special Collections, new Orleans Public Library

January 5, 2008


Originally uploaded by jeff lamb

so i,m told from a reliable source, this report and survey can be found in all these places listed above,

except the city of new orleans, what is here in part one is NOT there. and not the photographs that you see here. all copyright the city of new orleans, supposedly.

the 1,000’s of photographs submitted to the city, of which only few remain, of mine are here, the rest are out there somewhere if you want to find them for me. let me know.

Treme/Esplanade-blue is best

inner marigny to the right downriver

circle market afro-house @claibone

6th ward

and i been told a secnd time, GERN

Gern Is GONE

terducken -Dude! you rock


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