Defend the Ann Arbor 7 Ann Arbor Mi., Historic Landmark architecture under attack and in imminent danger of demolition and destruction

January 4, 2008

guess i pushed a couple buttons, so a clearer explanation seems warranted, this is what i know.

Defend the Ann Arbor 7-it is just a thought that occurred to me on friday, what to call an action to defend 7 historic architectural landmarks on S. 5th Ave, on the edge of downtown, and an historic architectural district. Proposals are being made to the city planning commission, on January 15, to re-zone this area so that a 100 unit condominium can be built up to the sidewalk, nearly the length of one-half of a city block, maybe more. Each of these houses facing the possibility of demolition are each unique and individual examples of a type and style of architecture historically built more than 100 years ago, all excellent examples of the way Ann Arbor was built way back when, Together they are an historic architectural district all on the own, and with the protection that would be allowed if placed on the National Register of Historic Places, this important group could be protected. Each house has been maintained and preserved in a respectful way, this is quite a feat in itself, considering that they are located next to a student ghetto, and an historic architectural district, and display an integrity of design and detail unusual these days, uncommon where an adaptive re-use generally will destroy most of what would be considered historic fabric. These seven resources display a minimal degree of alterations to the original intent and details of the design. If the number is six, forgive me, however if this is allowed to happen, might as well be nine, and after that maybe 9×10, and so on and so on.

This could be the point of no-return, where planning commissions are ineffectual, and historic districts such as The Old West Side, might just as well be taken off the National Register of Historic Places, today an historic architectural district, but unprotected, where standards and guidelines were once established and in place, are constantly eroded, by builder’s and developers, any excuse to double the size of these houses, is welcomed by the city. This was not the intention when the district was established to insure preservation. Me , I’m just a photographer, and perhaps just another radically conservative provincial preservationist, who came back to my home here in A2, mid 80’s after surveying New Orleans historic architectural resources, and still in shock to see even aluminum siding permitted….oh well


Originally uploaded by jeff lamb

City Planning Commission Meeting January 15, Ann Arbor City Hall

Sorry to butt in, but I ‘d like to say that these stupid greedy profiteers and outside agitators would rather build expensive condos and destroy our heritage, for no good reason but that they can… in Ann Arbor,
these brilliant developers would rather destroy historic landmarks here in Ann Arbor, rather than develop affordable housing here and/or in the south, in a city destroyed by the federal flood…. NOT Affordable housing/not even close, in a scale and context that might respect what already exists here in Ann Arbor , there is little concern for the people who live in Ann Arbor, who own and maintain their modest yet historically significant homes, only the potential to increase their taxes etc etc etc, move them out and build bigger bigger bigger, there is however a company here called “Big House Design”!

maybe i need one of those posters,
“for every condo built, I’ll just have another beignet in the french quarter”


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