December 28, 2007


Originally uploaded by New Orleans Lady

a New Orleans Lady, a photographer w/ a love of New Orleans, not uncommon in this city,

a photographer whose portfolio is sorely minimal in its representation here, and will be a resolution of mine into the new year, to show you of New Orleans thru here eyes, her history and her heart, just in case you might not go to her site to see for yourself her incredible , and on-going documentation of a city so loved, by those who live there,

and so sadly neglected by those who don’t.


You stood there,

Your eyes closed,

You have a dream to fill,
a path to weive,
you stay still,
they have to steal.

Your life a work,
the days to run.
Where to be, who to be,
this is the plan.

Strong hands grasp the sand,
castle of man.
You make the vision real,
a start from within.

You stood there,

Your eyes closed,

What you have to do..
is being you.



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