New Orleans 1979

December 27, 2007

New Orleans 1979 by you.

New Orleans 1979

Originally uploaded by jeff lamb

i messed up trying to take down credit, and re-edit this report, and instead i lost many of the photographs, where i meant to take down, re-edit text that is not mine, copyrighted by the city that threw it out. Sorry, I really hate to make some people angry enough to tell me to take it down. Well ok, I’m left w/ pictures, have a good look.

Maybe i will start over, maybe i don’t really give a damn, if all i do is offend people and make them mad, i don’t want to do that…but then again i am a photographer and not the historian and presumptuous arrogant expert, that would only be a pretense, i am not going to write the history, and well just glad y’all have a look at some pictures.

after i take down the text, you can all read it at Tulane, the library and the Historic New Orleans Collection . But the photographs are mine, and mine only just the same. ©jeffrey lamb2007

not the city and not thnoc, NOT w/out my permission.


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