NOLA RISING at the Freret Market, New Orleans, La. IMG_7956

November 5, 2007


Originally uploaded by New Orleans Lady

this past weekend , local artists gathered at the Freret Market to show their work, Mr. Dingler is one among them, representing

NOLA Rising!
the paper is an article about No More Grey, and a picture of one of the SkeletonKrewe’s pieces of art, a piece from the Can Project.

Mr. Dingler, of NOLA RISING, holding a copy of the Anti Gravity magazine,, with an article about the “buffing of New Orleans”. part 2 of a series, which you can download the November pdf issue, w/ the article on pg. 16-17. The cover photo (Can Project/SkeletonKrewe) taken by “justanuptowngirl” and the article is written by sarah pic, , (see a photo of justan’s at the bottom of the defense page…) another photographer about New Orleans taking great photos , pK.

as well as the “neworleanslady”, who has taken the photograph of Rex , above.


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