fire9 New Orleans, Uptown landmarks on Fire Sept., 07

September 29, 2007


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The fire houses have yet to be built, or re-built. The firemen live in trailer’s and still have to fight as heroes in DEFENSE OF NEW ORLEANS,
on their own, unbelievable how this country turns their back on this, an city abandoned and left unprotected is so prone to arson and fire destruction.
The situation w/ help to re-build the fire department and support the fire fighters of New Orleans, is

I have seen two little girls , friends of ours on the block, and their father , a doctor die, on a Sunday, November 9, 1959, after we had celebrated Lucinda’s sixth birthday party, when i grew up in Ann Arbor, there is nothing more frightening to me than fire, or drowning. i never forget lucinda.


One Response to “fire9 New Orleans, Uptown landmarks on Fire Sept., 07”

  1. susanp182 Says:

    I heard the fire engines…and we saw it on news. We live about 33 blocks away.Justanuptowngirl is RIGHT..we are prone to CRIME,ARSON everyday!
    Abandoned houses are in every part of town.Twenty-five months later people are still not in their homes…CRIME is worse…I retired because my job became TOO DANGEROUS.I wanted to enjoy some type of retirement…and the city sights and lack of improvement was depressing me too much.I might go back part time because I miss the people…

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