September 11, 2007


Originally uploaded by jeff lamb

Howdy All,

This Saturday, approximately at three o’clock, I will
open my courtyard for a day of painting and debauchery
(well, maybe just some imbibery). Bring your paint
and your favorite drink and paint signs to be posted
around New Orleans. Help New Orleanians feel good
about living in New Orleans again. All skill levels
welcome and open to join. Or just come by and hang
out… I like to think of it as a community art event

What spawned this party… a neighbor’s suggestion
after finding many of my NOLA RISING signs painted
grey by the recently renamed GRAY GANGSTA (formerly
known as Prince…I mean Grey Ghost). Those neighbors
actually came up with the idea that we should have a
party. So, if you support NOLA RISING and you want to
be a part of it…

NoLA Rising isn’t about me…it’s about all of us.
It’s about our city and it’s about feeling good about
being in our city… so come feel good … I can’t
guarantee the weather and I sure as hell won’t
guarantee my friends…but I will guarantee a good
time and a love of art and New Orleans

a.k.a. – Mike Dingler


Uploaded by jeff lamb on 11 Sep 07, 6.23PM EDT.
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