Not Hard to Remove, New Orleans Gray Ghost, Censorship and Street Art

September 11, 2007

mr Dingler photos on Flickr

Originally uploaded by jeff lamb

After a recent attack by local GRAY GANGSTA over NoLA Rising art pieces, neighborhood activists Kyle and Alicia decided to take charge.

“There was just so much grey in the neighborhood. It was so ugly,” Alicia said.

“Yeah, I never realized how much I liked the signs that Rex had put up until they were gone, said Kyle.

Done, taking it for granted and realizing how much they enjoyed the local color of their neighborhood, they went and bought paint and supplies to begin re-painting in the spirit of NoLA Rising.

Rex, when reached for an interview, commented “I was devastated when I seen that the GRAY GANGSTA (formerly the Grey Ghost) had targeted my street. There was little else painted. He even painted over paper signs that could have been easily removed…

“I think it’s great that people from the neighborhood care enough to go out and buy supplies for the project and get out and paint. The purpose of the whole project is to include people of all skill levels to paint for the enjoyment of their soul. To share their love for the city.”

Rex believes that through art, there can be healing. “Who hasn’t suffered some level of PTSD since the storm. With art, we can work out some of the emotions. Express ourselves in ways we might not ordinarily. I encourage it with everyone I meet, even those who say they can’t draw.”

the picture is a collaborative creative effort to Defend New Orleans


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