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anything is possible in Defense of New Orleans

1982 5×7©jeffrey lamb 2007
819 Burgundy, Vieux Carre

New Orleans. Louisiana


August 27, 2007

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memo: field surveyors in historic neighborhoods
to the ;
New Orleans Superintendent of Police
Squandered Heritage Survey Team

A grand old lady

August 25, 2007

A grand old lady

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Side hall Two-story townhouse, with a beautiful iron work gallery. A beautiful house among so many other vernacular houses in a neighborhood. Not a corner store, but as with so many corner structures in New Orleans, important, classic and landmark structures sit on corners like this, a visual prize that distnguishes one neighborhood from another….

The Cresent Star Bar

August 25, 2007

The Cresent Star Bar

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“My grandfather’s Bar in the Ninth ward. Would really like to see any vintage photos if anybody has any.
The sign blew off during Katrina.
After Katrina I spent a lot of time driving around on my scooter and walking around looking for that sign.
Piety St @ N Rampart St.” chris
Mr. Kirsch has a really nice set of New Orleans corner stores, that have in history played such an important role in the neighborhoods where you find them.

New Orleans 1982

August 25, 2007

New Orleans 1982 by you.

New Orleans 1982

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1982 5×7* ©jeffrey lamb 2007
Vieux Carre
– “Summer is really here. The malaise you can cut with a
knife, but then there is the rage and anger and fear that
get in the way.

I miss New Orleans.

Yesterday a young man came by my house on a bike. No tire,
riding on the rim. He lived here before the storm and used
to hang out on my porch with the other little terrors that
lived here in my neighborhood.

He said he was looking for them, where are they? Who knows” Karen 2007

* Frank Lotz-Miller, 5×7 view camera, cherry wood, and brass , custom series of 4×5/5×7/8×10 large format cameras

made to acommadate the first Linhof, Schneider f.8 90mm swa (super wide angulon) lens. Mr. Lotz-Miller used his cameras to photograph the “New South” of Houston, Dallas and Atlanta new super architecture, and New Orleans in the 70’s and 80’s. I asked him for a job once, he had made maybe a dozen of these camera’s , of each, and had boxes of them in back of his yellow two story shotgun house, downtown lakeside a couple houses off the corner of Magazine St. and Washington …i will check on that location


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homeless and on the side of the road

Vieux Carre 1982 by you.

Vieux Carre 1982

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