Moldy flood line

August 28, 2007

Moldy flood line
Surreal Landscape – nope just a moldy flood line mark left behind from Hurricane Katrina

Originally uploaded by skeletonkrewe

an incredibly unbelievable landscape,
a man made landscape of the flood plain gone unprotected and defenseless against all our own stupidity…
shall we not forget, or cast blame,
and remember that all is possible, if we could all come to the table, and create another “great society”, an agenda that first recognizes our need to save our cities, our history, our freedom to ….be in this country. Maybe not the greatest, but still has potential to be.

One Response to “Moldy flood line”

  1. skeletonkrewe Says:

    Thank You Jeff for everything that you’ve done for New Orleans!
    Defend New Orleans!

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