boys and girls in New Orleans / Esplanade

August 4, 2007

boys and girls in New Orleans / Esplanade by you.

boys in New Orleans / Esplanade

Originally uploaded by jeff lamb

there are 1700 houses on the imminent danger list!
600 have been photographed, there are 1100 to go,
Karen and the Nolareno, are the only two out there documenting this destruction!

give them a hand, take a list, photograph photograph photograph photograph,
or you may not even have a record of what’s about to dissappear!
for two days or a week i am asking all of my friends in new orleans
who apparently have cameras, know their way around
and care about their neighborhoods, to take a couple days or week to
stop what you are photographing and get out there and
photograph the city neighborhoods that are in imminent danger!
of being wiped off the map, forever, by the city and their drug/slumlords
who seem to be in control of kicking your grandmother out of her house, for no better reason than nobody will give her a new roof!


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