New Orleans 1984, PRC, Single Shotgun House, Greek Revival, Bywater

July 14, 2007

New Orleans 1984

Originally uploaded by jeff lamb
A Greek Revival shotgun house sits up close to the street in New Orleans, La., on May 1, 1984.

this is as close as it comes to an intact and original single shotgun house in the Marigny or Bywater, of Greek Revival taste, even the proportions of the facade indicate attention to the detail of the style, short and squat, with very simple over door and window treatments, and a very nice keyhole style entrance frame around the door, with dentils above. The facade of the house is sided with a tongue and groove “shiplap siding”, and is probably cypress. The screen doors and shutters are original, and the vent at the sidewalk helps to circulate air under the house. The steps to the entrance, or stoop is of original construction, with stepped ends and stairs in between, The “stoops” were the neighborhood front porches of the day, before air-conditioning, the neighborhood would have a stroll and a visit with others on the street. The roof still has slate, and tile ridge caps and the chimney is still intact. A vernacular house but an important example of the typical New Orleans shotgun house built just before or after the Civil War.
Although the iron vent in the foundation, and those above under the overhang of the hip roof, may well indicate iron work that was not wrought, but formed and this was done after the civil war, as well the mill work and trim would have been manufactured during the industrial revolution. It is a tricky thing to date, by style, as components may have been added well after the initial construction.


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